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Pamora Farm, a Filipino – European joint venture, located at Km. 396 Garreta, Pidigan, Abra, Philippines, operates a free-range chicken farm using colored free-range chicken breed from France.

Pamora Farm started to raise free-range chicken in the year 2000. The company’s production of dressed free-range chicken began in mid 2002 with a monthly capacity of 200 broilers. Today, monthly capacity has reached 3,000 broilers and still increasing due to markets demand for quality free-range chicken meat.

Pamora Farm’s operation is fully integrated from raising/growing of free-range chicken, dressing to packaging, ready for distribution, ready to cook and ready to eat.

As of today, 6 large ranges are operating in the farm. Each range has between 1,000 to 2,000 free-range chickens. Depending of the topography, each range occupies some 1500 to 2,500 square meters, which provides approximately 1 to 2 square meters ranging area per bird to freely graze and find organic foods to eat.

Pamora Farm is also manufacturing the French Traditional “Home-made” Pâtés. Different flavors/varieties made out from the free-range chicken are being produce for consumers, both of local & foreign residents/consumers.

Among interesting facets of Pamora Farm are the Eco-Agri Tourism activities. Within the farm itself, interesting agricultural & tourism adventures awaits every visitors and guests. Agricultural farming is a huge activity that one individual will surely enjoy.

Surrounding Pamora Farm is a wonderful countryside featuring the Abra river and mountains, where one can go trekking, camping, picnicking by the river, swimming, bamboo rafting, kayaking, fishing, horse-back riding, carabao sledge riding, sight seeing including different farm visits, or enjoy playing in Pamora Farm the French “Petanque” game…

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