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How To Start A Free-range Chicken Farm


➢ SITE SELECTION – Select a good site for the free-range chicken farm.
➢ Flat area or at least not so stiff /rough terrain
➢ Shaded with trees
➢ Grassy for forage purposes
➢ Easy Water & Electricity source
➢ Far from road with heavy traffic circulation
➢ Easy access for caretaker

➢ RANGING AREA – Free-range chicken requires a ranging area.
➢ Minimum 1 square meter per bird (bigger is better)
➢ Fence with net or other fencing materials
➢ Easy Water source distribution
➢ Easy access for caretaker
➢ Not treated with chemical fertilizers or any harmful chemical agents

➢ CHICKEN HOUSE – A chicken house is necessary for the free-range chickens.
➢ Minimum of 1 square foot per bird (bigger is better)
➢ With in-out opening for chicken access.
➢ Easy access for caretaker
➢ Preferably elevated & well ventilated

➢ HERBAL MEDICINE GARDEN – Herbal medicines are use to prevent diseases and also serves as natural flavouring.
➢ Chilli – use as antibacterial/antiviral
➢ Oregano – use for respiratory problems
➢ Garlic – as natural antibiotic
➢ Ginger – as natural antibiotic
➢ Guava – leaves are use as antibacterial
➢ Ipil-Ipil – leaves are use as de-wormer/anti parasitic
➢ Lemon Grass – as juice for detoxification

➢ EQUIPMENTS/MATERIALS – The required equipments for free-range chicken farming are the following:
At first 21 days of the birds’ life, they need brooding or artificial heating for the development of their body to be ready for free-ranging life. There are different types of brooding facilities that can be use to provide artificial heating for the young chicks.
1) Gas brooder = 1 for every 500 chicks; or
2) Improvised Charcoal brooder = 1 can for every 100 chicks; or
3) Incandescent bulb brooder = 1 set of 100watts for every 50 chicks

➢ FEEDING MATERIALS – The chickens must be fed daily with a program or time schedule. Among feeding materials that necessary for free-range chicken farming are the following:
• Chick Feeder Troughs (1-meter) = 1 for every 25 chicks; or
• Chick Feeder Plate (32 cm diameter) = 1 for every 25 chicks
• Bucket Feeder (8 kg capacity) = 1 for every 20 chickens
• Plastic drum container = 50 kilos capacity for feeds storage

➢ WATERER/DRINKING MATERIALS – Free-range chickens are also given drinking water, without water they may suffer dehydration. Among drinking materials necessary to use are the following:
• ½ Gallon container (2 liters) = 1 unit for 10 birds
• 1 Gallon container (4 liters) = 1 unit for every 10 chickens
• Basin w/ plastic guard – 1 set for every 15-20 chickens
• Water drum (200 liters capacity) or Water line for distribution

➢ CLEANING & DISINFECTION MATERIALS – Cleaning and disinfection of every area is important to maintain the bio-security of the farm.
• Foot-bath – at least 4 inches deep to properly soak foot ware for disinfection
• Cleaning materials – Broom, Dust fan, Web broom, Pale, Brush
• Detergents & Disinfecting agents (ex. Powder soap & Chlorine)

➢ BEDDING/LITTER – Beddings or litters are use inside the chicken house especially at brooding stage to control and balance the chicken manure formation. Be sure to have fresh and clean bedding/litter at all times. Bedding/Litter should also be disinfected prior to loading of your free-range chicken. Among litters that can be use are:
1) Rice hull (preferably carbonized)
2) Rice Straw
3) Sawdust

➢ SUPPLIES – It is very important that we know very well our suppliers for our farm needs. The following are the supplies needed for your free-range chicken farming:

➢ DAY OLD CHICKS – Day Old Chicks (DOC) from free-range breed.

➢ FEEDS – The feed formulation for free-range chicken requires at least 70% cereals, 26% protein nutrient from plant base, and 4% vitamins and minerals. Although we can use commercial feeds, until we could mix our own feeds, be sure to buy fresh and safe feeds from your supplier. Supplement it with more grass and natural feeds from the ranging area.

➢ WATER – Clean potable water supply is very important. Be sure to have a source of water near or within your farm vicinity. Water is needed at all times.

➢ VACCINES – Vaccination is allowed and required for free-range chicken. Vaccination may vary due to weather condition, location and present disease/virus’ in your area. Seek your municipal/provincial veterinary assistance for vaccination program adaptable to your area and vaccine supplies.

➢ PREVENTIVE MEDICINES – Aside from the herbal medicine garden and depending on the stage or level of disease in your flock, a preventive medication can be use respectively to the free-range chicken. A veterinary assistance is necessary for this matter. Don’t just buy medicines and use in your flock without consulting your veterinarian. Preventive is always better than cure.

➢ MANPOWER – The most important key factor for free-range chicken farming is your manpower or your poultry caretaker. A caretaker should at least attend a seminar to learn and know the basic principles of free-range chicken farming. Every livestock farming’s success depends on the caretaker too. He/she should be dedicated and interested in what they do, if not, they will never learn.

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29 Responses so far.

  1. ben eugenio says:

    Dear madam/ sir,
    I am interested to learn about the breading of range chicken.
    Wish to hear.
    God Bless,

  2. Loreta Klaessens says:

    I live in Cebu and I have a 1 hectar land. I amo interested to do an organic chicken farming on this land. How do I go about it.?
    Thank you for your interest
    Kind regards,
    Loreta Klaessens

    • admin says:

      Hi Loreta, thank you for your interest on raising free-range chickens… And my apology for this delayed response… Been busy in the farm lately… Will email you how to start a free-range chicken raising..

  3. James Michael Penaranda says:

    Hello, I am currently employed here in Makati as an IT Professional but would like to be also one of the agri-preneur. I have attended the recently held GONEGOSYO even was inspired by your speeches. I grew up in the province of Oriental Mindoro, and we have a land that we could use for raising free range sasso chicken., however that land is situated in the mountain overlooking the sea. I would love to know how to start raising a free range farm.


    • admin says:

      Hi James Michael, so sorry for this long overdue reply…
      Will email you the basic manual for starting up of free-range chicken farm…

  4. Jezreel Alindayu says:

    Hi, do you have seminar or manual regardimg free range chicken? Thanks

  5. Josel Laririt says:


    After my wife surgery with Thyroid we decided to live on a healthy diet and one way of doing this is by eating free range chicken. We have a small lot available and i would like to know how to start raising free range chicken. Please do send me some guide lines on how to start.


  6. Erwin D Altares says:

    Hi! There is a small ancestral land that I can use to grow free range chicken. It is CamSur. Please send me also materials that I can study. Is it also possible that I visit your farm to watch and learn from you. Thanks and more power.

  7. Dani Lozada says:


    Am interested to engage in the Free Range (Native) Chicken Production. How do I start this. Thanks.


  8. Sienna Angeli Mateo says:

    Hello Mam,

    May maliit po kami na lugar, Interested po sana kami magalaga ng chicken. paano po kami maguumpisa mam? pwede po kami pumunta sa farm ninyo pra mgkaidea po kami kung paano po kami magsisimula? Sana po matungan ninyo po kami. Maraming Salamat po Mam…

    Godbless po,


  9. i am from abra, and i am glad to learn about your business, i didnt know its just a few ride away from my place, when i come home i will visit your place much interested how to start it kahit for my own consumption lang. thanks or kindly email me how to start this business

  10. Kent says:

    hello…good day!

    I saw a video in youtube about your farm featured by studio 23 channel as I am searching for a tips and idea in raising or having a poultry farm. I am interested to know more about how to start in the same type of farm you have.

    thank you

  11. Amit Dey says:

    Like to do back yard poultry farm with 3000 sasso chick.pls help

  12. Amit Dey says:

    Pls send me manual of free chicken farming

  13. andrew mina says:

    can you also send me a manual on how to start a free range chicken farm.


  14. michael tambongco says:

    good day,mam can u pls kindly email me the basic manual for starting up free range chicken i want to learn and interested in this kind of business.thank you

  15. michael tambongco says:

    good day,mam can u pls kindly email me the basic manual for starting up free range chicken .thank you

  16. valerie says:


    Great job you are doing!would you mind emailing me the basic manual for a starting a free range chicken farm?Thanks in advance!

  17. Michael tambongco says:

    I’m interested in this kind of business can u pls kindly send the manual for freerange chicken.tnx

  18. Michael tambongco says:

    tambongcomichael@yahoo.com.man I need your manual on freerange chicken.tnx

  19. Francis says:

    Hello im a nurse abroad dreaming also to start a farm. I have goat now in my farm im planning to add free range chicken this May. I would like to have basic manual for raising at free range chicken aslo.

  20. Elfred says:

    Hello po mam, wla pa po kami masyadong alam sa free ranged chicken farm , but we are very much interested in how to start a broiler farm, can you send us a manual on how to start?

  21. Roxanne Rivera says:

    Hello, I came across your website while googling how to start a fee-range chicken farm. I am an OFW for 11 years and planning to return home. Im into organic and would like to start a business like yours. I would like to use the reintegration program of OWWA for OFW’s and looking for poultry business. I hope to hear from you soon.

  22. Luzviminda Gaspar says:

    Hi Maam/Sir, i am also interested in raising free range poultry. i am an OFW from the UAE but planning to come home for good so i hope you can help me starting a free range chicken farm. Can i also request any supplier of chicks here in the country. And if you allow me to visit your farm to have a look on how you are doing it.

    thank you very much.

  23. Mar Santos says:

    Hi Admin,

    Could you kindly also email me the basic manual for free range chickens?
    I would also like to visit your farm in Abra. Do you allow this?

    Thanks and more power!

  24. Rializa F. Sabido says:

    Hi! I am very interested to invest poultry business esp. free range Natural farming method but i am scared to start because i have no knowlege or experience about poultry farming… i have 4 hec farm And fit for poultry business. please help me how to start And where can k buy an old day chicks with good breed .thank you.

  25. Francis Forrester says:

    as little as it is, this is the most valuable video I’ve seen on this subject. I’m a Canadian and I’ve visited the Philippines 3 times in the last years. I wanted to start some business, but each time I got scammed. I’m still determined to do business in the Philippines. If I can be convinced this is a workable/profitable business, I’ll pull all my efforts to do it.

    Please send me the how-to video.



  26. Marione says:

    Hello. I am also from Cebu City and would love to learn more about how to start a free-renage chicken farm. May I ask for a copy of the manual as well?

    Thank you very much!


  27. monfred says:

    Hi mam/sir of Pamora Farm,

    Good day! Magstart po ako raising of sasso chickens. Small numbers lang po muna (mga 30 chicks lang po. Napanuod ko po ang video nio po sa youtube. Interesado po ako mag raise. Pa request naman po mam/sir ng manual mula senio sa pagreraise ng sasso chickens. May mga nakita po ako na manual pero pang mga free range but not specific to sasso. gusto ko po sana ay specific sa sasso. Thanks po in advance. I hope magreply po kayo.

    Nainspire kasi ako sa youtube video mam. Kokonte lang kasi mam nag reraise ng native chicken sameng lugar. Then kalimitan pa ay sobra tagal bago mapagbili ang mga native.

    Salamat po.Godbless!

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