1. What is Free-range Chicken?
  2. How long it takes to raise a free-range chicken?
  3. What are the differences between commercial chicken and the free-range chicken?
  4. What kind of feeds does the free-range chickens eats?
  5. What health benefits we get by eating free-range chicken?


  1. Free-range chickens are slow growth chickens that are grown using the method of farming husbandry where the birds are permitted to roam freely instead of being contained in any manner. Its principle is to allow the chickens to as much freedom as possible to live out their instinctual behaviors in a reasonably natural way.
  2. Free-range chickens are grown for longer period, minimum 81 days, in a range or barnyard in the farm. These chickens are set out of their shelter to live freely to roam around the field, foraging for natural foods, scratching the ground for insects and whatever vegetation are available for them.
  3. The difference is the quality. Free-range chickens are not confined and crammed together in cages. They are grown the natural way chicken should be, not forced to grow super-fast, so the meat of Free-range chicken is of better quality, firm & lean meat.
  4. The feed formulations for Free-range chickens are 70% cereals, 26% proteins from plant base ingredient and 4% of Natural Vitamins & Minerals. No fishmeal or any other animal base ingredient.
  5. Free-range chicken has substantial increases in nutritional value particularly in Omega-3 Fatty Acids and Vitamin A, and has a decrease in total fat. Free-range chickens is free of chemicals, antibiotics, hormones and other growth stimulants that are usually harmful to people.
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