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Free-range Chicken

Pamora Free-range Chickens are coming from quality colored chicken breed from France. Quality F1’s or first generation offspring are being raised in Pamora Farm.

Two (2) weeks before the scheduled arrival of new batch Day-Old Chicks (DOC’s) in the farm, housing are being ready for brooding purposes. Cleaning, disinfection, repairs and equipments/materials check-up routine are among top priorities. This practices ensures the bio-security of the flock and of the farm.

Chicks are kept for the first three (3) weeks / 21 days of their age inside the housing with brooding (heater) facilities. This helps them gain strength and be ready for outside life.

After 21 days, they are set free to the range to roam around and help them selves find organic or natural food on the ground. These French colored chicken breeds are slow growing type of broilers. They are fed and given only required feeding and drinking quantity that suite their age. Herbal medicines are also well practiced and given at proper and appropriate time.

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