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French Home-made Pâtés

Pamora Farm’s French Traditional Home-made Pâtés are creations of Monsieur Gérard PAPILLON. Using an old fashioned recipes from his Arriére Grand-Mére Madame Jeanne PAPILLON, he made different Pâtés, using of course the Pamora free-range chickens. Now, Pamora Farm is making six (6) different varieties of French Pâtés.

Pâté is a mixture of meat with various flavorings blended together into a paste for spread. It is a traditional practice, in France by peasants, of preserving meat of any kind. For generations and generations, traditions still lives on. These Home-made Pâtés are good for appetizers, pica-pica with toast bread, crackers or any other bread, and even for sandwiches.

Try Pamora Farm’s French Traditional Home-made Pâtés, you’ll taste the difference, you’ll know the difference and for sure, you’ll like them all…

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